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S.No. Title Download
1 India Innovation Index 2020 Download (18.41 MB)
2 Report on Mitigation and Management of COVID 19 Download (1018.42 KB)
3 Constitution Day and Citizens' Duties Download (12.79 MB)
4 NITI Aayog, Rockefeller Foundation & Smart Power India along with Ministry of Power Launched Electricity Access & Utility Benchmarking Report Download (172.91 KB)
5 Towards Responsible AI - Enforcement of Principles Towards Responsible AI Enforcement of Principles (1.28 MB) , Towards Responsible AI for All-Part1 (7.78 MB)
6 Best Practices on Employment Generation for Migrant Workers (Skill Development and Employment Vertical) Download (89.27 MB)
7 Report of the Committee to Draft Model Act, Rules and Regulation on Conclusive Land Titling Download (3.25 MB)
8 Accelerating Progress on Nutrition in India: What Will it Take - Third Progress Report Download (6.82 MB)
9 Data Empowerment And Protection Architecture - Draft for discussion, seeking comments DEPA- Draft for Discussion (6.53 MB) , DEPA- Draft Executive Summary (5.67 MB)
10 Export Preparedness Index 2020 Download (15.02 MB)