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1. Report of the Energy Storage System (ESS) Roadmap for India: 2019 - 2032 Download
2. Roadmap to fast track adoption and implementation of energy conservation building code (ECBC) at the urban and local level Download
3. State Renewable Energy Capacity Addition Roadmap Download
4. India’s Leapfrog to Methanol Economy Download
5. Energizing India Download
6. Report of the Workshop on Energy Modeling & Launch of Energy Data Portal (dashboard) on 12th May, 2017 at NITI Aayog Download
7. Report on India’s Renewable Electricity Roadmap 2030 Download
8. A Report on Energy Efficiency and Energy Mix in the Indian Energy System (2030) Using India Energy Security Scenarios, 2047 Download
9. Energy Efficiency Interventions at NITI Aayog Download
10. Report of the Expert Group on 175 GW RE By 2022 Download