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With growing concerns on environment protection and on achieving energy security, and with major technological advancements, especially in the field of battery storage during last decade, the World is today witnessing an unprecedented disruption in the way the energy sector and mobility once operated.

The long road to universal health coverage

The conclusion of two years of AB PMJAY should serve as an occasion to celebrate of how far India has come in its UHC journey, but also a reminder of the long and difficult road that lies ahead

Combating malnutrition requires granular approach

Malnutrition rates have been declining in India, but the absolute numbers of stunted (short for age) (46.6 million), wasted (low weight for height) (25.5 million), and anaemic children (73 million under-3 children) are still a concern. With a prodigious challenge of triple burden of malnutrition -- under-nutrition, over-nutrition and micro-nutrient malnutrition -- facing India
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