3rd Five Year Plan
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Abadi (village) Residential area of the village
Ashram Schools . Residential type of vocational and agricultural schools
Ayurveda An indigenous system of medicine
Ayurvedacharya A degree in Ayurveda
Bal Bhavan . Recreation centre for children
Bal Sevika . A woman worker trained for child welfare
Balroga Diseases of children
Balwadis Pre-Primary or nursery schools
Barani Unimgated land
Bargadar Term used in West Bengal for share-croppers.
Benami transfer Fictitious transfer of land or other property
Bharat Sadhu Samaj An All-India organisation of Sadhus for social work
and moral uplift
Bharat Sevak Samaj An All-India voluntary organisation engaged in constructive
work for national development
Bharatiya Adimjati Sangh An All-India organisation for the welfare of tribal people (Adivasis)
Bharatiya Grameen Mahila
An All-India organisation serving women in rural areas.
Bhoodan Donation of land for the landless—a movement initiated by
Acharya Vinoba Bhave
Bidri . A well known handicraft of Andhra Pradesh
Buddha Jayanti . Birth anniversary of the Lord Buddha
Chalka A type of poor quality land in parts of Andhra Pradesh
Charkha Hand operated one-spindle spinning wheel
Charkha—Ambar Hand operated multi-spindle spinning unit
Charmalaya . A centre for flying and curing of hides and economic
utilisation of carcasses.
Charkha, Sushruta, Vagbhatta Names of leading authorities and writers on Ayurveda.
Chikitsa Therapy
Chir . Pinus longifolia
Dai . Midwife
Darshana A system of philosophy
Deodar Cedrus deodara
Diara • Land which is subject to diluvion or alluvion on account of
changes in the course of a river.
Dravya guna Materia medica
Gandhi Smarak Nid Gandhi National Memorial Fund.
Ghani . Bullock-driven oil crusher
Ghani—Wardha . An improved ghani
Gola-grain . A grain store; a system of rural credit based on
grain stocks
Gosadhan Home for unproductive and uneconomic cows
Gosamvardhana Welfare of cattle, specially cows
Goshala Institute for care and protection of cows
Gram Village
Gramdan A movement initiated by Acharya Vinoba Bhave in which the
landholders of a village surrender their individual proprietory
rights in favour of the village community.
Gram Ekai . A compact area comprising a village or group of villages with
a population of about 5000 selected for integrated rural
development, specially of village industries
Gram Panchayat Village council
Gram Sabha Village assembly representing the adult population of the village
Guntha Area equivalent to 1/40th of an acre
Gur and khandsari Jaggery and fine granulated sugar made in cottage units
by open-pan boiling
Gurukul Residential educational institution imparting religious and
general education
Harijan Sevak Sangh An All-India organisation for the welfare of scheduled castes
founded by Mahatma Gandhi
Inam . Estate or grant recognised by Government and enjoying complete
or partial exemption from payment of land revenue
Jagir An assignment of land revenue or other rights in an estate or village.
Jan Jagran . Mass awakening and social enlightenment
Khadi Hand-spun and hand-woven cloth
Khadi—Ambar Hand-woven cloth made from yarn spun on Ambar Charkha
Kharif Agricultural season corresponding to summer months
Kotar Ravines
Lok Karya Kshetra Voluntary rural welfare project
Lunga . Low-lying land in Tripura
Mahila Mandal Association of women
Mandi Market
Nal Level land in Tripura
Nidana Diagnosis
Padartha Vijnan Physical science
Panchayat Samiti A statutory representative local body at the block level
Pathashala . School
Panchayati Raj A system of democratic institutions at the village, block and
district levels set up under State legislation
Prasuti Tantra Obstetrics
Rabi . . Agricultural season corresponding to winter months
Rasa Shastra Chemistry
Stri-Roga Gynaecology
Sadachar Right conduct
Sal Shorea robusta
Sarva Seva Sangh A federation of voluntary organisations for constructive work
founded by Mahatma Gandhi.
Shalya (Tantra) . General Surgery
Shalakya Surgery of eye, ear, nose and throat
Sharira vijnan Anatomy and physiology
Shramdan Voluntary contribution in the form of labour
Shuddha Term meaning pure or unmixed, used with reference to Ayurveda
Siddha A system of indigenous medicine
Swasthya vritta Hygiene and public health
Taluka Administrative unit within a district
Taram Classes of soil grouped for purposes of settlements
Tilla . Elevated land in Tripura
Unani . An indigenous system of medicine
Vaidya Ayurvedic medical practitioner
Vijnan (Vigyan) . Science
Vriddha Trayi The three leading classical Ayurvedic works
Vyavahara Ayurvcda Forensic medicine
Zaniindari Intermediary rights in land
Zari Silver and gold thread work
Zila Parishad A statutory representative local body at the district level
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