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Development Support Services For States/UTs (DSSS) For Infrastructure Projects

NITI Aayog has implemented a structured initiative for “Development Support Services for States (DSSS) for Infrastructure Projects” with a vision to achieve transformational, sustained delivery of infrastructure projects with state of art capacity disseminated at all levels of governance. The key objective behind the objective is creating PPP success stories and rebooting infrastructure project delivery models so a sustainable infrastructure creation cycle is established.


The DSSS Infrastructure initiative involves providing project level support from Concept plan till financial closure to State Governments / UTs.  NITI Aayog has appointed M/s Ernst & Young LLP (EYLLP) as its consultant to formalize the initiative and to engage with states to identify a project shortlist and providing transaction management for implementing selected infrastructure projects on ground.


Phase I of the initiative was completed in FY 2018, wherein a demonstrable project shelf consisting of 10 projects were selected from out of over 400 projects received from States based on a multi-staged project selection framework based on criteria like responsiveness of submissions, readiness, land availability, impact, replicability, risk, viability assessment and state commitment. The shortlisted 10 projects from eight states were selected for development on PPP mode through MoU based partnership with the state governments:


During the financial year 2018-19, the Phase II of the initiative was completed, and the selected projects have progressed onto the transaction stage. As part of Phase II, the project preparation activities and implementation planning were carried out.


The techno-economic pre-feasibility reports and implementation plans were prepared for the 10 selected projects. The pre-feasibility reports for the projects included project’s high-level concept plan, implementation roadmap and PPP structuring options.


The Pre-feasibility reports were discussed and finalised based on discussions and presentations to the respective State Government authorities. In-principle acceptance of pre-feasibility reports was given for six of the 10 projects by the respective state governments.


Investor consultations were organised for three out of ten projects namely- Smart Multi-utility for BTCD area in Bhubaneswar, integrated post-harvest supply chain management infrastructure in identified districts of Tamil Nadu and Integrated community based Micro Irrigation infrastructure at selected Command Coverage Area (CCA) clusters in Haryana to generate investor confidence in these projects.


Under DSSS Infrastructure, mandate for additional seven island projects was given to EY LLP (Consultant) for Phase III milestones. For the additional island projects, Investor consultation meet was organised and draft bid documents were prepared during the year. The projects presently await approval from competent authorities for launch of bid process.


As a part of Phase III of the project, NITI Aayog along with EY LLP assisted in preparation and launch of bids for appointment of technical consultants for preparation of DPRs for two projects, namely Integrated Solid Waste Management of Roorkee cluster on PPP mode and integrated community based Micro Irrigation infrastructure at selected Command Coverage Area (CCA) clusters in Haryana.