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MOVE: Global Mobility Summit 2018

MOVE: Global Mobility Summit 2018, India’s first mobility summit held in September 2018, saw participation from across the world including leaders from the government, industry, research organizations, academia, think tanks and civil society. Attended by more than 3000 experts, the summit aimed to bring focus to transforming the mobility paradigm in India, through creation of shared, connected and zero-emission mobility systems.


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30+ global CEOs, 100+ state officials, 100+ foreign delegates and 200+ Indian CEOs participated in the event. International representatives from embassies along with the private sector from United States of America, Japan, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, New Zealand, Austria, Germany, Brazil and more participated actively in the two day summit.


The Summit was inaugurated by the Prime Minister who outlined the vision for the future of mobility in India based on 7 C’s - Common, Connected, Convenient, Congestion-free, Charged, Clean and Cutting-edge.


State and Regional Consultations

Prior to the Summit, extensive consultations were held with the States and UTs to engage with in the process of outlining the mobility strategy for the country. The consultations were initiated by NITI Aayog visiting 19 States and 14 states as well as UTs through video conference, leading to creation of State mobility taskforce headed by the chief secretary of the state and comprising stakeholders from government departments, industry, civil society and academia.


An orientation workshop was held at NITI Aayog on 28 June 2018, followed by five regional workshops to discuss the contours of state specific mobility strategies. Finally, 22 states submitted their respective state mobility strategies which were compiled, and a compendium of State Strategies was released during the Summit.

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Separate consultations were held with industries and civil society, think tanks and academia on 10 July 2018 at NITI to engage with them and seek their inputs for the Summit. Six webinars were held in Mexico, Brazil, Indonesia, USA, Africa and China between 30 July and 3 August 2018 to discuss Challenges and Opportunities associated with transforming mobility. These covered aspects such as Governance, Financing & PPP, Safety, Demand side issues, Integrated land use & transport planning, Gender issues, Systematic plan for electrification, Emerging technologies, Urban freight, and Open data for shared mobility.


MoveHack, the global hackathon saw around 35,000 registrations from around the globe for coding solutions to mobility problems. Together, these will help drive the government’s goals for vehicle electrification, renewable energy integration and job growth and also speed up India’s transition to a clean energy economy.


Download MOVE Summit 2018 Reports