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Achievements in the year 2018-19

MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) between NITI Aayog and Singapore Cooperation Enterprise (SCE):

NITI Aayog, Government of India has entered into a MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) with Singapore Cooperation Enterprise, (SCE), an agency of the Government of the Republic of Singapore for taking up the second phase of Capacity Building Programme in the field of Urban Planning and Development. The MoU was signed and exchanged between the two countries in presence of Hon’ble Prime Minister of India during his visit to the Republic of Singapore in the month of May-June 2018.  This MOU between NITI Aayog and SCE will provide technical assistance for the  government agencies, particularly, in the States and urban local bodies (ULBs) and facilitate them to readily tap into the expertise of Singapore agencies in areas of urban development and management through consultations and advisory services in planning  and structuring projects. This will facilitate the urban rejuvenation mission.


Capacity Building of Urban Local Bodies (ULBs)

NITI Aayog under its MoU with Singapore Cooperation Enterprise will launch a capacity building programme on “Urban Management Programme” focussing on water recycling and reuse on 26th November, 2018 with the objective of building capacities of ULBs, parastatal bodies and State government officials. The programme will be covering eight states which have been selected through Challenge Method, namely, Karnataka, Meghalaya, Punjab, Puducherry, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal.


Background Notes/Appraisal/Examination of SFC/EFC/ EAP /Metro Rail & other Project Proposals

  • Preparation of background note on Rainwater Harvesting in Metropolitan Cities for examination of Parliamentary Standing Committee on Urban Development.

  • Agra, Kanpur and Delhi Metro (phase IV) Metro Rail Project- PIB Proposal of Government of Uttar Pradesh was examined and the comments were sent.

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  • Chennai Metro Rail Project Phase-II –Availing of new ODA loan assistance from Asia Development Bank (ADB) for Corridor 4 of Phase II – Forwarding of revised  Preliminary Project Report (PPR - the proposal was examined and comments furnished to DEA, Ministry of finance on 23.07.2017

  • Proposal of National Capital Region Transport Corporation- Limited (NCRTC) for obtaining loan from multilateral agencies for implementation of Regional Rapid Transit System (RRTS) corridors in the NCR region –comments sent to DEA on 11.07.2018.

  • The Draft SFC Memorandum regarding construction of GPRA at Naya Raipur,  Chhattisgarh - comments sent to Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs .

  • Preliminary Project Report Proposal (PPRP) for Punjab Urban Infrastructure Investment Programme for implementing Flagship scheme of GOI through ADB funding has been examined and comments sent to DEA, Ministry of Finance.

  • Project Proposal seeking World Bank assistance for ‘Tamil Nadu Housing and Habitat development for urban Poor’ has been examined and the comments were sent to DEA on 27.07.2018

  • Govt. of Punjab’s proposal for 24x7 surface water supply for Amritsar, Ludhiana and Patiala cities through external assistance. The comments were sent to DEA (MoF), GoI and PMIDC, Punjab on dated 7th June 2018

  • Draft PIB memorandum regarding Development of CPWD land at Ghitorni, New Delhi jointly by CPWD and NBCC and the comments were furnished.

  • The “Note for the Cabinet” was prepared and submitted to Cabinet Secretariat seeking the ‘ex-post-facto’ approval of Cabinet for taking forward (renewing) the second phase of Capacity Building Programme with Cooperation between NITI Aayog and Singapore Cooperation Enterprise (SCE).

  • EAP project proposal of Govt. of Assam – “Assam Municipal Development at Project (AMDP)” to be funded by World Bank. The comments/views pertaining to Managing Urbanization Vertical are sent to States division in NITI AAYOG on 24.05.2018

  • Government of Manipur's Externally Aided Project -EAP Proposals 1) Integrated Water Supply Project for Imphal Area Phase III" and 2) Providing Drinking Water Supply to other towns (28 nos.) under JICA. Comments sent to State-NE division in NITI Aayog during 15th May, 2018

  • Revised PPR of Externally Aided Project named "Infrastructure Development of 7 (Seven) District headquarters" in Tripura with ADB funding. Comments sent to State-NE division in NITI Aayog during 11th October, 2018